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Co-Parenting Software for Modern Families

Tired of constant conflict with your coparent? Sick of poor communication and convinced that there must be a better way?

Split Schedule can help. Our software was developed by lawyers and family law professionals to minimize conflict while protecting yourself and your family.

Message Securely

All your messages in one place with a permanent record of when you sent it and when your coparent read it.

Access Anywhere

Works with any web browser. Access with ease from your smart phone, computer or tablet - from your home or on the go.

Share Easily

Safely and easily exchange pictures and files without worrying who else may see your family photos of child's report card.

Shared Calendar

Keep one calendar and avoid scrolling through endless text messages to know when the next soccer game is.

What is Split Schedule?

Split Schedule gives you unlimited access to the very latest in coparenting technology. What does that mean? A better coparenting relationship with less stress and more certainty.

Start today with a 30 day Free Trial. At the end of your trial you'll be billed $15 a month and can cancel at anytime. No hidden fees or unpredictable expenses. Pay for what you need and save on what you don't.

How Will You Use Split Schedule?

All subscriptions include unlimited observer accounts. What does this mean? It allows you and your coparent to authorize other people to see your communications. From counselors and other family professionals to lawyers and judges. Below are a few examples of how different people use our software.

Pamela Parent

Pam has been coparenting for a few frustrating years. Her child's father is slow to communicate and often "misses" emails. Split Schedule lets her know if he's read her messages and gave her back control of her schedule.

Lana Lawyer

As a family law lawyer, Lana helps high conflict clients navigate coparenting with Split Schedule. With the parents' permission, she can access their account and provide help and guidance before things get too bad.

Judge Jones

Split Schedule gives Judge Jones unprecedented access to the cases before him. Instead of relying on a few hours of testimony, he can review months of communications and schedules when making decisions and sorting out conflicts.


All plans include a free 30 day trial. Pay monthly or yearly and get the same great access to all our features and benefits. Choose the plan that best fits you below.

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  • Full Access to our Suite of Parenting Tools for only $15 per month. Start with a 30 day free trial and cancel anytime. All accounts allow for¬†unlimited observers.
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  • Purchase a year’s subscription and get 2 months free. Cancel before your 30 day free trial ends and you won’t be billed anything.
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